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What is AjiSignal?

We are a network of music journalists. We bring together talented mp3 music blog writers from all over the world to contribute to a central discovery destination for the benefit of music fans and musicians. In many ways we are a focused discovery and city specific music guide.

Ok, but CITY specific? …explain.

There are thousands of mp3 music blog authors around the world. Some of these writers report on what is happening in their city’s music scene. We have found writers best suited to be expert authorities and guides to the emerging music in their city.

Alright…Ok. So as a music fan how can I use this site?

We have writers in major music hubs around the work. So, you as a music fan can subscribe to or visit the site on a daily basis to get an in-depth view as to what is brewing, emerging, new, and happening in major cities around world!


Patrick Woodward
Co-Founder, Editor

Daniel Woodward
Co-Founder, Creative Director

AjiSignal is a magazine
about new music in cities.

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