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» Author: Patrick » 20 November 07

I was listening back to the last few artists that have been highlighted on AjiSignal and was impressed. I love all this stuff. And, what is even cooler is that it is all very different. The diversity of what gets talked about here has been a pleasant surprise!

Chris KozaChris Koza
Minneapolis' CHRIS KOZA
Ghislain Poirier   Photo by Guillaume SimoneauGhislain Poirier Photo by Guillaume Simoneau
San Francisco's DREAMDATE

Nice job ladies and gents:)


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Another NEW contributor-this time St. Pauly represent

» Author: Patrick & Dan » 15 November 07

We have another new writer to introduce on AjiSignal this week. (its been a good week) Mallory joins us from St. Paul, MN. She’ll be enlightening us on what is happening in the St. Paul area.

The combo of Mallory in St. Paul and Liz in Minneapolis is going to be cool.:)

Her first post was yesterday. Check it out here.

Welcome to AjiSignal Mallory.:)(!)<-

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A New City, A New Town-Boston on AjiSignal ()!!!()

» Author: Patrick » 8 November 07

Today we posted our first post from Boston via Kip Lucas. Kip will be reporting on various artists from Boston and the surrounding area. …now we have a little more East coast flavor in the mix:)

Kip writes his own about music in Boston.

Check out his first post about Deer Tick here.

More about Kip here (scroll to the bottom).

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Overheard on Twitter

» Author: Patrick » 31 October 07

I Twitter-Track the artists that we highlight here on AjiSignal. I’ve posted a couple of these before.

Here is tweet about Los Angeles’ The Broken West.

(donutage): Listening to The Broken West – Baby On My Arm [Orginal Version]:

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Auto SmartLinks This Week

» Author: Patrick » 25 October 07

This week was a big week for AdaptiveBlue. They launched their auto SmartLink product on Monday. AjiSignal had the opportunity to participate in the beta testing period for this new offering from AdaptiveBlue. Working with Alex and Fraser from AdaptiveBlue has been really cool and a lot of fun.

Here at AjiSignal feel that SmartLinks really bring a new experience to furthering discovery and knowledge of a musical artist. What SmartLinks do is take the traditional link and turn it into a conduit to relevant information about (in our case) an artist.

Almost everyday we highlight a new artist from a major music mecca around the world. In each highlight article we have links to that artist’s “page” on various places on the web like, MySpace, Amazon, and iTunes. What SmartLinks do is pull all that information together automatically and display it in a nice, neat pane of relevant content. The great thing about the NEW SmartLinks are that all the work is done for me.

After installing the simple script from AdaptiveBlue all I have to do use a link to an artist’s page on or their album on Amazon, and a SmartLink is created with that traditional link. So simple, and it couldn’t be slicker!

Examples are all over AjiSignal. The little blue boxes next to an artist link are what you want to click on to experience the SL pane.

What AdaptiveBlue is doing adds so much value to musicians. :) Enabling readers to find more info on an artist is so, so key in today’s music landscape. As SmartLinks evolve, and further drill down into serving up more relevant info, they will AUTOMATICALLY make a richer learning experience about ANY artist. That, is cool. Nice job AdaptiveBlue!

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Heard on Twitter

» Author: Patrick » 22 October 07

I’ve started tracking various sayings and words since Twitter released the “tracking” feature. Recently I started tracking the bands that we highlight here on AjiSignal. Here are some recent Tweets from Twitters talking about a couple artists we have highlighted:

perfectporridge: Montreal’s Hot Springs are building buzz up north. We have their new album and say, “eeehhh.” Whattayou think? ( mp3) mp3

Rachelanthecity: The Broken West was great. So not staying for The Walkmen.

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