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“Infectious” is not usually an adjective I like to employ when describing my listening habits...

I’ve a number of favorite local songwriters. Chris Koza takes a seat near the top, undoubtedly. He has been riding a wave of success since the release of his sophomore folk/pop full length, Patterns, back in 2006. Although Koza released a limited edition EP, A Friend of a Friend, later that year, Patterns is the object of my affection and should therefore be the focus of yours as well. “Infectious” is not usually an adjective I like to employ when describing my listening habits, but Koza, ultimately, makes it respectable. While I admit that Patterns finds a nice little niche on radio AAA (I like to keep my distance), at least your parents will have something good to listen to. The disc is a collection of 12 smart, acoustic-based folk tracks, each of which is as commendable as the next.

Chris KozaChris Koza

With a group of equally talented musicians in tow, Koza is riding easy. Local songstress JoAnna James, who herself has a burgeoning solo career, as well as friends Luke Anderson, Peter Sieve, Justin Blair, and Ben Foote round out Koza’s current line-up. The band hasn’t been confined to the local circuit’s second rung, either. They’ve been playing some of the city’s best venues for the past couple of years, all the while collecting accolades from some of our most notable metro publications. Moreover, they’ve been taking their talents far and wide. Chris and his cohorts just bounced around the West Coast for the past month or so before returning home with a small string of upcoming regional dates for them look forward to.

The band just announced their forthcoming release, of which they are currently in the process of writing/recording, to drop in 2008. Consider this your primer – get acquainted before the new disc hits local shelves in March.

Upcoming Shows Chris Koza
Cedar Cultural Center
Saturday, November 24th
8PM, All Ages
$12 advance/$15 doors

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  1. P Sieve

    Correction: band members are Luke Anderson, Justin Blair, Peter Sieve, and sometimes Joey Kantor, Alicia Wiley, JoAnna James, Denise Guelker, and Linnea Mohn.

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