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Division Day - On The Brink

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If you follow contemporary indie rock, Silver Lake’s Division Day have, at the very least, come across your radar at some point over the past two years…and for good reason. The California foursome, who have been playing together for years, craft atmospheric, shimmering, guitar-driven rock that begs for repeated listens, both on and off the stage.

While the band has been poised as ‘the next big thing’ for quite some time now, life, as it tends to do, threw a few curve balls into the mix in terms of their record label going south, etc., etc. Throughout the various setbacks the band continued to soldier on selling out venues, packing their club residencies, and making waves at both CMJ and SXSW.

Their persistence has paid off, and the tide has most definitely turned. Having recently signed with L.A.’s Eenie Meenie Records (Great Northern, Scissors For Lefty, Irving) Division Day will see the re-release of their “Beartrap Island” LP on October 2nd complete with new artwork and two additional tracks, both previously unavailable.

Ryan of Divison Day on guitar

Produced by Scott Solter, “Beartrap Island,” with the proper marketing push, could be the album that breaks the band to a whole new audience outside of their native California fan base, and underground indie circles. Smart, melodic, and well written, the album has the potential to cross over in the same way Death Cab For Cutie, Silversun Pickups, and The Decemberists have in recent years. It’s only a matter of execution…and a little luck.

Our recommendation: Go see them in an intimate club setting now, as in a years time we predict things will be very different for the band. Consider this is your heads up.

Division Day is: Kevin Lenhart – Drums, Rohner Segnitz – Vocals/Keys Ryan Wilson- Guitar, Seb Bailey – Bass/Vocals

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