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Etsuko Tajima

» Submitted From: » by Dan » Posted: 4 April 09
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AjiSignal is taking a look at a jazz musician this week. In the spirt of Ajisignal this artist hails from two major cities. Etsuko Tajima is an artist originally from Japan who now calls New York City her home. Etsuko lets loose on the piano as her jazz instrument of choice. All 88 keys are open territory for this young artist, who masterfully traverses the lines between orchistration and great improvisation. Her newest album “Primera Vez” is full of all out jam mixed with a nice walk down the ivory keys.

I got the chance to talk to Etsuko briefly about herself and her music

AjiSignal: Hi Etsuko, Thanks for talking with us today. First off, who are you, where are you, and what do you do??

Etsuko: My name is Etsuko Tajima, I’m originally from Tokyo, Japan and I currently live in Brooklyn New York. I am a musician and music educator.

AjiSignal Having grown up and learning to be a musician in both Tokyo and NY, how would you describe the Jazz scene in Tokyo?

Etsuko Jazz is popular among the adults mostly, not among young people.

AjiSignal Was growing up in a musically talented family fun or was it demanding?

Etsuko Music was just part of my life, so I didn’t think either way. It was always there like the air.

Etsuko Tajima

AjiSignal What do you like about playing the piano?

Etsuko Piano has 88 keys. Did you know that? So depending on what combination of note you use, it makes a makes totally different sound. Playing piano has infinity possibility.

AjiSignal Do you find you explore more musically when you play alone or with other musicians?

Etsuko Collaborating with other musicians is better for exploring. Music is a language and conversation. Sharing the same vibe and moment makes music.

AjiSignal This is a bit of a chicken & egg question but what do you find most inspiring about new york; the people or the environment?

Etsuko The people

AjiSignal Did you ever play any music with your siblings when you were younger?

Etsuko Yes. All of my siblings were in a same ensemble when we were young.

AjiSignal What are your top 3 songs or albums?

Etsuko 1. Lauryn Hill – Miseducation.
2. Esperanza Spaulding – Esperanza
3. Buena Vista Social Club-Buena Vista Social Club

AjiSignal Well thanks for talking with us and sharing a little about yourself and your music.

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  1. Alex

    I listened to some of her music and it’s pretty good. I would buy the CD for sure!

  2. Yoko

    It was a few years back at the moonlit upstate lakeshore when I first heard Etsuko’s a capella. Her voice gradually merged into indigo background of water, and time passed very quietly. Since then I always find layering of her voice and note tranquil and soothing, and am looking forward to listening to her music more!

  3. kevin

    I saw Etsuko play at a club in Manhattan with a bigger band than appears on the tracks listed here. It tough to say which I like better. The live show has more energy, but the studio tracks are perfect for the rainy days we have going on here lately. In any case, I’m glad she’s getting some press for what she’s doing, maybe that will speed up the CD release. . .

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