Holy Fuck at the Social Holy Fuck at the Social

Holy F***(ing amazing)

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How exciting is it to see a band live for the first time? You don’t know their music and actually you’ve never even heard about them. After the gig you buy their album and the guy at the merchandise stand looks at you with a surprised face thinking: ‘Really are you buying the album?’ Yes, because you have just seen the most amazing band on earth ever, who so much impressed you with their exciting beats and samplers sound. The name of the band is Holy Fuck. It’s not an easy name for a band, especially when you want your music to be heard on national radio in England, but it definitely is the right name for this Canadian four piece. They are holy f**king amazing!

Holy Fuck at The SocialHoly Fuck at The Social

A year after I saw them live at the Dot to Dot festival in Nottingham, I decided to go and see them again in London. Just like the first time they once again wowed me. It must have been at this gig that the Londoners from Young Turks grabed the Canadians and several months later released their second album called LP. To accompany this, Holy Fuck played some gigs in England, including a supporting act gig for !!! and a headlining show at The Social in central London. I went to both. Of course it is well exciting for an unknown band to play in London and to have a headline show.

It has to be said that Holy Fuck do need some space on stage and The Social is just big enough for a drummer, a bassplayer and two tables with lots of samplers, beat machines and whatever else they have found in the trash. There are more instruments off stage, which get constantly plugged in and out. Oh holy fuck, how fascinating it is too watch these men go absolutely mental with their toys. This band and it’s music is a passion for them and an obsession for me. Even though it a) is instrumental, b) is lots of noise and c) looks all very geeky; Holy Fuck are one of the most exciting live bands around. One of the speakers at The Social must have thought the same when letting out some smoke.

Holy Fuck at The SocialHoly Fuck at The Social

When ‘Lovely Allen’, a track from the new album, gets played, something inside of me says that I truly love what these four guys and their beat machines do. I am sure that it won’t take that long before I’ll see them again in my city called London. It is just great to hear songs as ‘Tone Bank Jungle’, ‘Frenchies’ and ‘Korock’ get played live. Holy Fuck are the kings of beat machines and samplers. If you happen to have a spare musical toy, donate it to Holy Fuck, as I am sure it’ll be useful for them.

Upcoming Shows Holy Fuck
Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey New York, NY
Wednesday, November 28th

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