We All Have Hooks For Hands We All Have Hooks For Hands

Hooks for Hands

» Submitted From: » by Liz Jones » Posted: 23 October 07
Hooks For Hands - Oh I'd Expect.mp3 Hooks For Hands - The Man Trying to Outfox Us All.mp3
...great music comes from the most unlikely of places, and I’m not about to pass up the opportunity to spread the good word.

Last time I checked, Sioux Falls certainly wasn’t the Twin Cities. It’s really not even all that close. But hey, great music comes from the most unlikely of places, and I’m not about to pass up the opportunity to spread the good word. We All Have Hooks For Hands is my new flavor of the week. Maybe instead you can consider this my kudos-laden nod to the local indie wunderkinds at Afternoon Records; they brought the band to life. That’ll legitimize my out of city, or worse, out of state music commentary. Anyway, as the result of jumping into bed with Afternoon Records, I reckon the band will be bringing their banter to Minneapolis on many occasions.

Admittedly, the extended moniker screams “self-important emo band.” Track names such as “The Man Trying To Outfox Us All” or “The Teeth That Feed The Lions” won’t do much to dispel any preconceptions, either. Don’t mistake the band for something they’re not, though. Nine boys each equipped with a different instrument sounds to me like a shit storm (excuse my language) of misdirected noise. Two drum sets, three guitars, a violin, keyboard and horns…that mish-mash couldn’t possibly sound civil, right? Well, drop that notion. Hooks has chops…each and every one of them. The band’s new record features ten morsels of jovial, jangly folk/pop supremacies. We could all use a bit of merrymaking anyways as another dreary Minnesota winter can’t be too far off (thank you, global warming, for the few extra fall weeks).

We All Have Hooks For HandsWe All Have Hooks For Hands

WAHHFH released their debut record, courtesy of Afternoon Records, back in April. You don’t even have to take my word for it…the band has done the run-around (with high praises) on the blog circuit in the past few months. I’ve included my two favorite tracks from the release.

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