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Let's Start A Band, We'll Write Songs About Our Friends

» Submitted From: » by Liz Jones » Posted: 14 August 07

Love-Cars - Licorice.mp3 Halloween, Alaska - I Can't Live Without My Radio.mp3

I have a habit of over sentimentalizing patently non-sentimental situations. Call it a blessing, or call it a curse. Either way, it makes band break-ups a melodramatic ordeal of unparalleled nature on my end. Case in point: the discreet, and seemingly unofficial, withdrawal of my beloved Love-Cars from the Minneapolis music scene issued some unsatisfactory personal emotions – to say the least. Not long after the release of 2002’s brilliant “Thank You For Telling Me What I Already Know”, the band slid quietly into oblivion. Upon hearing the beautiful, slow crawling organic melody of “Licorice”, which is attached above, you’ll surely understand my dismay. My posthumous mourning capitulated only to the fact that frontman James Diers, along with drummer David King, had formed an exciting new project. Under the inexplicable moniker Halloween, Alaska, Diers and his erstwhile Love-Cars collaborators reformed to test their chops and dabble in “electro-synth” (genre-specification has never been my forte). Hear you me, any band able to genuinely cover LL Cool J’s “I Can’t Live Without My Radio” without any sign of causticity should be applauded. It really is a stunning rendition. Moreover, the HA roster reads like an indie Who’s Who of Minneapolis musicians. Rounded out by additional members Jake Hanson, Matt Friesen, and, without adornment, Ev, the band collectively boasts members from 12 Rods, Happy Apple, and critically acclaimed jazz ensemble The Bad Plus. While the aforementioned references are not likely to strike a chord with many on a national level and may even only register with local aficionados, I assure you that their combined credentials are impressive. I digress. I think I’ve lost sight of my original purpose…

My reason for profiling the Love-Cars, and by extension Halloween, Alaska, in my inaugural post is not purely the result of my deep-seated appreciation for the band’s musical proclivities. It just so happens that they will be “reuniting” for a show at the Uptown in Minneapolis on August 18th. Ironically, and unfortunately, I chose that weekend to fly to Chicago. While it’s become apparent that the band has never officially disbanded, but rather continues its course on an extended hiatus, a gig at the Uptown can only be a step in the right direction, yeah?

Shows: Uptown Bar
3018 Hennepin Ave S. Minneapolis Saturday, August 18th Doors: 9:30 Cover: $6

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