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Linden is: the Future

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I’ll be honest with you: female-led rock bands rub me the wrong way. For whatever reason, I tend to believe women cannot properly ‘rock out’ like I expect members of a rock band. And maybe, very secretly, it’s because I like to look at hawties (i.e.: men) singing and grooving with their mic (think Adam Lazarra) to my favorite songs. Consequently, it was against my better judgment when I decided to check out a band I’ve come across on local-music flyers for quite some time. I was marginally impressed by their sound, and by ‘marginally impressed’ I mean, “OMG!? Where have you been my whole life?!!?” Their name is Linden.

To my ever-loving dismay, though, Linden is from Wisconsin— Menomonie, Wisconsin that is. Fortunately for me and my fellow Twin Citians (I just made that up), Linden’s following is fairly sizable in the Metro area. With recent additions of three Minnesota musicians, drummer Matt Decker, lead guitarist Jacob Sharbono, and bassist Zac Ojeda, there’s no denying that Linden is as much a Minnesota band as it is a Wisconsin band. Along with the addition of Minnesota musicians, they threw into the mix fellow Wisconsin musician, rhythm guitarist Steven Keller. You may be asking me (or rather yourself): yeah, but who are the original members? Well, I shall tell you. As I mentioned earlier, Linden is a female-led band; moreover, they have two female members, both of whom work equally to create a foundation for the band. And! Get this: lead vocalist Kara Carlson is 18 and co-vocalist/keyboardist Casi Carlson is 17! At this point, Linden has quite the recipe for something amazing.

So, what exactly is Linden’s sound? The Linden sound is based heavily on the keyboard and an emphasized undercurrent of percussion, with undulating guitar hooks, and just the right amount of electric smoothness from the bass to produce a unique vibe that is reminiscent of poptronica, but much more endurable. Oh, and did I mention Kara and Casi can actually sing?

In short, Linden is the sort of band that knows what they’re doing and are prepared to guarantee that you are able to revel in their absurdly delightful creations without hesitation. Plus, it’ll only take roughly three minutes and forty-four seconds of your time to be completely enamored with Linden’s music forever. Who doesn’t have that sort of time?
Linden recently released a five-song EP entitled The Future Is…, which is available for purchase online through their Myspace.

Upcoming Shows Linden
Under the Infuence
4400 N. Mayfair Rd., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Friday, December 7th

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