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Live at the Old Blue Last

» Submitted From: » by Nicole Blommers » Posted: 7 October 07
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The day I will delete my MySpace account, will be the day I don’t find it useful anymore. For some it’s a good way to get in touch with friends or maybe even make new friends. I like MySpace because of its band, record label, club nights and other random music related profiles. In a bulletin I read about Foals doing a not so secret gig at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch (‘hip and trendy’ area in London). It’s always nice to see an upcoming band play in a small venue.

FoalsFoals at Old Blue Last

A couple of days later it’s Vice Magazine who sends a bulletin about the same not so secret gig, but with a little bit more information. So, not only is Foals playing, but also These New Puritans and Lovvers and it’s being filmed for the next series of the VBS show Live at the Old Blue Last. It’s RSVP only and with a confirmation reply you’re in to see some damn fine bands. I’m in.

First band Lovvers is clearly not my cup of tea. Too wild, too noisy, too heavy and too… It’s just a little bit too much. Next band. I have a good/bad relationship with These New Puritans. One time I see them live I think they are incredibly good. The next time they seem like some very poorly organised musicians, who don’t like playing in a band. I have seen this four-piece from Southend-on-sea a couple of times now in the last 12 months. Their songs can be as complicated moody as The Fall (Navigate), but also very up tempo (Elvis). Tonight the boys and girl of These New Puritans are at their best. It’s powerful and just right. Watch out for their debut album Beat Pyramid, which is out on 5th November.

FoalsFoals at Old Blue Last

Ah, Foals the band who everyone wants to see tonight. The five twenty-somethings from Brighton are in the middle of a UK tour. They are known for playing in a circle on stage, which is how they are positioned tonight as well. With their dance-punk sound a la The Rapture and !!! it’s hardly impossible not to stand still. A few fans are creating a small party in front of the stage and during two songs guitarist Jimmy Smith joins them for a moment. Foals is wow!

I like not so secret gigs, especially when they take place in a triple sized living room kind of upstairs bar.

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