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For bands that are based in New York City it is all about the approach. From the second a gathering commences, songs are created and a name is chosen an image is crafted and marketed. Approach is everything. Your movement while setting up your equipment on stage; your entrance onto the raised platform; the first touch of your instrument, all of it is monitored and rated with your audience awaiting to sniff out any scent of fear, intimidation or regret. Having been through all of this many times over you will not experience any of those emotions while attending a Longwave show. Formed in 1999 theirs is a calm and clever gathering of musicians with an album about to break that might just move them up out of their standings as being just another New York based band. Although they have albums and previous national tours on their resume they are aiming for something higher with their new arsenal of melodies and they have the skills to back it all up.


Recently coming off of tour supporting Albert Hammond, Jr. guitarist and vocalist Steve Schiltz seems refreshed and energized to be performing a lusty mix of his own. Their live show is composed of samples from ‘There’s A Fire’ (released in 2005 under producer John Leckie) with new selections: “No Direction,” “Life is Wrong,” “Tidal Wave,” and “There’s A Fire.” “No Direction” is sure to be the song used to ensnare new listeners and invigorate seasoned fans of these boys. Steve is a classic study of a musician concentrated completely on his delivery and channeled emotion while on stage, swooning to his audience with a stoic persona and fearful closed eyes. Daring to sneak a glance at his lead guitarist, Shannon Ferguson, Steve gains confidence off of Ferguson’s’ tight delivery and finesse. Jason Molina on the drums paces the performance, swiftly pushing the audience to the edge with tempered slamming beats. While Anthony Molina, Jason’s brother adds another level of cunning artistry that contributes to the overall layered rock sound that could be compared to the likes of Oasis, The Flaming Lips or The French Kicks. Polished, proficient and driven Longwave is a reason to be excited about new music in 2008.

Shows Maxwell's
1039 Washington St Hoboken, NJ 201.653.1703 Sunday, Sept. 30th 8:30PM

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