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Los Angeles Loves Le Switch

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Over the past decade, the rise of independent home recording, and online promotion, has given artists the freedom and opportunity to potentially reach huge audiences previously unattainable without big label support and/or near constant touring. That, coupled with online digital distribution, has ushered in a revolutionary sea change in the music industry. But you already knew all this.

Despite this newfangled technology, one thing that has not changed is the importance of an artist’s live performance chops, i.e., can they move an audience…can they captivate people who have possibly never heard of them before they set foot on the venue’s stage. One L.A. band that absolutely can, and does, is Echo Park’s Le Switch.

A brief history: Fronted by singer/songwriter Aaron Kyle, Le Switch formed in early 2006, began gigging steadily in and around the eastside music scene, released an EP, and has been picking up serious steam, both literally and critically, over the past six months.

Le Switch

Employing a timeless mix of guitar, bass, keys and drums, Le Switch deftly augment their boozy, barroom pop sound with multi-instrumentalist Maria DeLuca’s viola and trumpet interspersed throughout their set. Deluca’s subtle textures, combined with Kyle’s trademark lyrical howl, make up Le Switch’s secret weapon. When the two come together, expertly backed on drums/percussion by Joe Napolitano, Josh Charney on keys, and Christopher Harrison on bass, even the most jaded hipster in the bar can’t help but take notice.

In addition to their near-constant live dates, catch Le Switch as they make the rounds on the airwaves, be them terrestrial (KXLU, KCRW), internet (Little Radio), or satellite (Sirius). Look for the band to release a follow up to their Hello Today EP on the Los Angeles based Autumn Tone records.

Le Switch play Glendale’s Scene Bar Thursday, August 23rd as part of the second Now Blog This v.2, blogger-curated concert.

Shows: The Scene
806 E. Colorado Street Los Angeles Thursday, August 23rd Doors: 9:00

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  1. bn67

    Love these guys

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