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Open Season: Featuring the Songs of Paul Westerberg

» Submitted From: » by Liz Jones » Posted: 28 August 07
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Ah, the days of yore. Ask any Minneapolitan truly familiar with the “underground” music scene about their favorite local band, past or present, and you’re likely to hear more than a few emphatic responses regarding the Replacements. I myself could wax poetic about the music of Paul Westerberg.

Though only ever reaching the status of cult favorite, which is probably a more respectable position to be in anyway, the influence of Paul Westerberg has extended itself far beyond the Twin Cities. Even years after his band’s demise, the Replacements are referenced almost invariably as far as punk-rock colloquy is concerned.

Hopefully your interest doesn’t end with “All Shook Down”, the band’s last release in 1990. Westerberg has since released a series of equally enthralling, though ultimately watered down as he now seems to prefer his acoustic, albums.

Even if you’ve considered yourself up to date on Westerberg’s various goings-on, you may not have caught wind of his most recent endeavor. It’s an unlikely pairing. Though he has dabbled in film score previously (Cameron Crowe’s 1992 film Singles, from which track “Dyslexic Heart” is included), Westerberg found himself in unfamiliar territory last year as he wrote the soundtrack for Sony’s animated film “Open Season”.

How could I complain? Start the kids in the right direction young; I’m in complete agreement. After listening to the album, however, I find that it’s ultimately more adult-oriented. Take it as a Westerberg solo album, for nearly every track was both penned and performed by the man himself. Included for listening is the disc’s single, “Love You In The Fall”. It’s a power-pop gem.

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