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Put Your Hands On Your Waistline

» Submitted From: » by Nicole Blommers » Posted: 30 August 07
Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle.mp3 LA Priest - Engine.mp3

Your manager lives in London. Your biggest fan and at present, producer, of single ‘Bathroom Gurgle’ DJ Erol Alkan lives in London. You’ve had quite a lot of gigs in the UK capital the last 12 months. Wait a minute you’re not even from London, but Castle Donnington. Yes, the Big Smoke certainly loves Late of the Pier. Damn right too. Meet Sam Eastgate (frontman/guitarist), Sam Potter (sampler), Ross Dawson (drummer) and Andrew Faley (bassist). These four young self-assured lads have the talent to play in even bigger venues next year than they already do. Trust me when I say that this really will happen.

Late of the Pier were formed in 2005. Between then and now they did a certain amount of touching up on their sound. Then: a Beatles inspired band. Now: in the left corner you’ll hear Electronica, the right corner guitar noise and somewhere in the middle a mix of all kinds of sounds. If you think this is all too difficult for you to listen to, I can say that it’s not. The first time I was a witness of one of their London gigs, I completely fell in love with their music. Admiration is maybe the right word to use.

Eastgate, Potter, Dawson and Faley have a lot of confidence in Late of the Pier and their future in music. Even (art) studies have been given up to play in this band. It’s their dream, which they want to realize. For Eastgate Late of the Pier is not his only musical outlet. As LA Priest he has done several remixes for the likes of Envelopes and Dandi Wind. His new 12” ‘Engine’ is making clubs across the UK and beyond into sweaty dancehalls.

‘Bathroom Gurgle is a future dance floor destroyer for sure,’ was my first thought. Although it might sound very confusing, due to the fact that it’s a two in one song, it’s a single you can sing along to and with moments when you’d think: ‘What?’ Confused yet? “Put your hands on your waistline. Move your body to the bassline.” ‘Bathroom Gurgle’ will be released in the UK by Moshi Moshi Records on 10th September. On the day of release the boys launch their single at Durrr, a weekly London club night at The End . Producer and DJ Erol Alkan is doing a special DJ-set.

Is there actually anything negative to say about Late of the Pier? The answer is no!

Shows: Durr at The End
Late of the Pier Release Party September 10

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  1. TILO

    Though the mondays are still special at The End/London.

  2. What happens at these special Mondays you speak of?

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