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» Submitted From: » by Mallory Hall » Posted: 10 January 08
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We’ve all encountered moments in our lives when we come across a band that is so unlike any we’ve heard before we’re almost hesitant to give them a second listen. Such is the case with Red Fox Grey Fox. The first song I heard by them is entitled “Bring Back the Coast,” off of their recently-released album, From the Land of Bears, Ice, and Rock. It begins with a drawn-out lyrical sequence sung by Red Fox’s lead vocalist, Pete Miller, who is both a keyboardist and guitarist in the band. At once, Red Fox reminds me of Copeland’s vocal methods, but with a more subtle, soothing aspect. In further comparison to Copeland, Red Fox’s music is more of the minimalist variety, which, surprisingly, allows the listener a more in-depth experience. This minimalist approach, however, doesn’t imply that Red Fox is missing a fundamental element of the music process. Instead, it lets the listener know that each instrument and set of lyrics receives special treatment. Red Fox Grey Fox completes itself with drummer/keyboardist Stephen Lindquist, guitarist/keyboardist Jeremiah Satterthwaite, and bassist/keyboardist Ben Pien. On some of the tracks, Lindquist even plays the bells!

As a self-described aficionado of music, I am always first struck by a band’s musical arrangements. If I’m satisfied, I begin an over-the-surface analysis of the band’s lyrics. With Red Fox, my journey was no different; however, the lyrics I heard immediately resurfaced memories of when I studied American Transcendentalist poetry, which is poetry that is heavily impacted by nature. My shock was apparent; even more, my respect was abundant. It isn’t often that a band manages to reflect standardized poetic techniques. Furthermore, for a band simultaneously to create both music and poetry that are able to stand alone without the aid of the other is rare indeed; so to find a band like Red Fox Grey Fox is quite the feat, but to discover such talent within your own city is nearly unbelievable.

Red Fox Grey Fox’s album, From the Land of Bears, Ice, and Rock, can be purchased through their Myspace.

Red Fox Grey FoxRed Fox Grey Fox

Upcoming Shows Red Fox Grey Fox

The Beat
1414 West 28th Street Minneapolis, MN 612-710-3992
Friday, January 11th
w/ Oh Blessed Thought, The Voice of Sleep
and Danny Wolf

Saint Cloud State University (The Quarry)
720 4th Ave South-St. Cloud, MN
Thursday, February 7th
with Cathy Crescendo

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