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The Kids Are Alright

» Submitted From: » by Liz Jones » Posted: 10 October 07
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The kids don’t get it? Since when? I think the kids are alright. In fact, they’re doing better than just alright. Case in point: Young upstart neo-shoegaze band Weaver at the Loom has the young adults of Minneapolis enraptured. And yes, though my teens officially left me last year, I still find my finger situated relatively accurately on the “teen-scene” pulse. Don’t let my foregoing descriptors cheapen the music, for it’s anything but juvenile.

Perhaps this isn’t the kind of feature you’ve come to expect from me. It’s probably presumptuous of me to even assume that we’ve established the kind of rapport necessary for developing expectations. I’m only seven weeks in, our connection will come later… Anyway, we can take a week off from (y)our ego-centered hipster existence in order to appreciate some songs from the suburbs. That’s enough conscious wit for this week – the music is the matter at hand.

Weaver at the LoomWeaver at the Loom

Well-tailored, studio borne melodic pop is my weakness. Start soft, build up to that near epic chorus, and bring on the reverb. Chances are you’ve won me over. Weaver at the Loom has the formula committed to memory. They’re the young, local lineup nonpareil. They’ve got the right idea. Why waste your time writing standard kiddy-punk songs when you’ve got chops capable of eclipsing some of your elder counterparts? Having played together for only a matter of months, the band has seemingly outdone themselves with the speedy release of their debut EP, “I Was Searching And I Found.” It really is a stunning collection of 5 tracks. Essentially, it’s a quasi-concept album as a short story is interwoven throughout each of the 5 subsequent tracks.

Be sure to grab the disc online ($6.00 – chump change) through the band’s online store. Otherwise, make your way over to iTunes. The band has a string of local/regional dates before setting out on their national mini-tour in late December and January. Admittedly, I have yet to see the band live. I sit and wait…

Shows Triple Rock Social Club
629 Cedar Avenue on the West Bank Minneapolis, MN, Sunday Nov. 4th, 5PM

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  1. Dan

    they are even better live.
    it’s hard to believe that the vocals will sound as good live, but I saw them at the Varsity Theater and it was the best local show I have ever been to, every song from start to finish was absolutly perfect. they will not disapoint

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