The Other Wilson Brother

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I’ll leave that to my folks and their babyboomer friends…

The Cities are ablaze with chatter regarding the first solo release of former Semisonic frontman Dan Wilson. A front-page foray into the recording process of his new album “Free Life” and Wilson’s various extra-curricular activities in the Strib’s Arts & Entertainment section is all too inflated. While I ultimately believe that Wilson is a good guy and an even better songwriter (winning a Grammy warrants such commendations), the subject renders me almost completely apathetic. My energies and interests have hardly ever ventured into the realm of Adult Alternative (I’ll leave that to my folks and their babyboomer friends…), and, unfortunately, this instance is no different.

All the Dan Wilson talk brought to mind an old favorite, though. I’ve got a startling 13,000 tracks on my computer and no external hard-drive to accommodate the overflow. Let’s hope my Mac upholds its promise and doesn’t tank on me, or there’s trouble in paradise. Naturally, past favorites invariably end up getting lost in the iTunes abyss. So, thanks Dan, because I had nearly forgotten about your gem of a brother and his days in the Flops.

Matt Wilson, formerly of Trip Shakespeare fame, and John Munson, who most notably had his run as the Semisonic bassist, collaborated briefly together under the moniker The Flops. With not much to their name, only a live acoustic album recorded years back (early 2000’s?), the Flops managed to make a lasting impression on me…at least until I forget about them. But that’s no matter, they’ve been rediscovered. Anyway, the aforementioned disc, entitled “Ooh La La” is likely not available anymore. However, it’s still worth scouring the racks at the Fetus or any local Cheapo. It’s as good as a jaunty little folk/pop album can get…

As far as the current whereabouts of Matt and John, it’s become apparent that the Flops have long since “disbanded.” You’re likely to find both guys playing around town in some capacity or another. I’ll leave that up to you, though, because today is all about paying our posthumous respects to the Flops.

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